Top  Questions to ask as you
shop around for a character
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We don't throw under qualified TeenAgers into the Costumes just to make a Buck!
You'll know you made the Right Decision when you see the Smiling Faces & you still have Money for
TOYS in your Wallet.
1- Are you available for the character I want , at the time I want, in the part of town I'm
having the party in, and on the date I need?
This is MOST IMPORTANT Question!

2- How much do you charge and for how long? How much if I add another character?
Higher or Lower prices should not be your only deciding factor- get all your questions
answered before you make a decision.

3- Do you charge gas or travel fees to come to where my party will be? Where do you base
your gas charges from?
we base travel fees from the central Galleria area-

4- What exactly does the character do while they are at my party?
Exact Names of character songs and names of games should listed for you- don't accept
general answers like Music, Games, and Dancing.
The activities should relate to the
character you select- companies that fill your character  party time with activities like
balloons and facepainting generally don't know enough about the character to keep the kids
entertained during the visit. The company you pick should know more about the character
than you do! Not all character companies are equal- some are happy to put anyone in the
costume- even if they do a Horrible performance as the character- that is why we put so
much information on our site so you can make the best decision for your childs party.

5- Does the character come with a uniformed helper?
Some companies will send the
character to your party alone- as you can imagine, this will change the outcome of your
In some cases it can be done alone- but most of the time you will see the lone
character stumbling thru their show- unless they are like most clown companies that stand
still. Having a helper allows the character to be the character.  Most princesses and some
super heroes can do the shows by themselves because the character has a human head and
can see and hear well.

6- Does the character person  talk in the voice of the character?
Is the person in the costume an adult or the  child of the company owner?
Two different companies in town have been using children under the age of 10 years old to
play the character so they can save $$$-(both of these companies charge atleast $65 more
than this company!). Actors should do their best to talk like the character- your child expects
them to interact with them and to know what they are talking about.
You can listen to our
voice clips of us talking as the characters for many of our most popular characters.

7- Does the character run the show or does it just dance, hug, and blow kisses without a
making a sound? Many, Many, Many Costumed Characters don't say a word- this usually is
because the company owner will put a person  in the costume that has no business being
there( example: a male human portraying a girl character or a person who can't handle the
heat of the job they are doing and they are doing their best just to stay alive!) and hoping that
they can carry the show even when the character lacks in many areas.
The child wanted the
costumed character- not the clown or the human helper to interact with them.

8- Does the character perform indoors or outdoors?
During the hotter months of the year it is recommended to have a good source of shade for
the characters as well as the children.
Parties indoors are preferred by most costumed

9- Do you have pictures of the character that I can see? Are the pictures less than 6 months
old? Are the pictures yours or the costume makers pictures?  Many companies in town  have
the catalog pictures and  none of their actors in the costumes.
You Absolutely have to see pictures of their actors in their costumes if you want a true
representation of what a costumed character company can offer you.

10- Does the Birthday child get a Gift? Do the other kids get anything?
We offer a Giftbag or Hero Kit for the Birthday child & rings for the other children.